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Rubie’s Natural Soap was founded in 2019 with a vision to celebrate tradition and culture as well as contribute to socially and environmentally conscious consumption. It was born out of a passion for natural, traditional skin care, and environmentally friendly alternatives to commercial products. My main inspiration comes from my dad who has been making soap for as long as I can remember, and I am joined on this venture by my husband, who has a degree in chemistry and good knowledge of the chemistry of soap. I spent about two years researching and learning about soapmaking before launching Rubie’s Natural Soap. I read a lot about different oils & butters and their fatty acid profiles. I learnt about the nourishing natural ingredients that can be added to soap and all the exciting teas, milks, and botanicals than can enrich it. I also trialed one too many recipes in order to formulate the perfect bar of soap that I would be proud to present to the public.

Mine and my husband’s Palestinian Syrian culture & heritage are reflected in using olive oil as the star ingredient in our soap. In addition to being one of the most popular oils in skin care, olive oil has a special place in the long, deeply rooted culture of soap making in that part of the world. One line of our soap will be made with a 100% pure, extra virgin olive oil as a nod to Nabulsi Soap, while the other line will have a minimum of 50% olive oil in addition to some very luxurious oils and butters, primarily raw unrefined cocoa butter. We are also making an Aleppo Style soap because, c’mon, can we not?

This venture is much more than a business; we want to do our part to save the environment as well as give back to our communities and to causes that are close to our hearts. This is why we are pledging 5% of our profit to a different charity each month with a focus on charities that help the homeless, women, and the environment. This will be at no further cost to the consumer. So, if you are feeling intrigued, come join us on this exciting journey and grab one- or 10- of these wonderful soaps. Do your part to make environmentally and socially responsible choices, while pampering yourself with these beauties; your skin will thank you for it ;)

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