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Our Ingredients


Ingredients are our main focus here at Rubie's Natural Soap, and we want them to be the main focus for everyone. Our ingredient philosophy is simple; only functional ingredients and those that have skin-loving properties should go into the making of an optimal bar of soap. This is why we do not use any artificial colors or fragrances in our soap and instead focus on enriching it with pure, rich natural ingredients. 

Base Oils & Butters

To keep things simple, we only use a handful of oils & butters, which complement each other in creating a perfect bar of soap. 

-Extra virgin olive oil: our star ingredient and a constant in all of our recipes. Olive oil is a staple in skin care and has been used in soap making for hundreds of years. It is deeply nourishing and moisturizing and creates a very mild bar of soap that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and mature skin. 

-Raw unrefined cocoa butter: a super decadent and luxurious ingredient. Cocoa butter is a rich moisturizer, which deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin keeping it soft & supple. It adds firmness to the soap creating a hard & smooth long lasting bar. Cocoa butter is typically used at low proportions in soap due to being on the pricey side; however, we indulge and use a hefty amount of this luscious ingredient and believe the outcome is totally worth it. 

-Organic extra virgin coconut oil: another staple in skin care. Coconut oil is a very effective cleanser and produces large rich bubbles. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

-Organic unrefined shea butter: another decadent and luxurious ingredient. Shea butter is a rich moisturizer that deeply nourishes the skin and keeps it protected from the harsh elements. 

-Castor oil: castor oil draws moisture to the skin to keep it soft and hydrated. It also creates amazing lather in soap.


Plant Milks, Coffee, & Teas 

Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to skin care, and we try to enrich our soap with as much natural goodness as we can. 

-Plant milks: we use various plant milks in our soap giving you a good variety to choose form. These include coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, and rice milk, which all add wonderful creaminess to the soap and are nourishing, soothing, and moisturizing to the skin. 

-Teas: tea has wonderful ant-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are believed to help keep the skin healthy and glowing. We use both black and green tea in our soap, which also contribute to a rich natural color in the final bar.

-Coffee: coffee is rich in anti-oxidants and is said to have a calming effect on the skin. It also contributes to a lovely rich natural color in soap.

Fruit & Vegetable Purees 

We use a variety of fruit and vegetable purees in our soap giving you plenty to choose from. These include apples, avocado, bananas, carrots, cucumbers, and mango. Fruits and vegetables are rich in a variety of proteins, vitamins, stretches, and natural sugars, which add  moisturizing and conditioning properties to the soap and contribute to a silky skin feel. The natural sugars also contribute to rich creamy lather.

Clays & Activated Charcoal

Clays and activated charcoal are renowned for their deep cleansing properties. They exfoliates, unclog pores and draw out impurities leaving the skin clear and soft. They are also great as natural colorants in soap. 


We use a variety of botanicals in our soap, most of which are homecrafted or wildcrafted where possible minimizing waste and our carbon footprint. Different botanicals have various skin-loving properties. They are rich in vitamins, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties and can act as natural exfoliates in soap. They also add natural color and a visual interest in soap. 

Essential Oils

Our use of essential oils is extremely limited here at Rubie's Natural Soap. Our main line is completely unscented, but we introduce three or four scented bars for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's, and Mother's Day and may introduce a single scented bar every few months. This is mainly because we prefer unscented soap and aim to cater to an often neglected demographic in the skin care industry; people who, like us, prefer unscented soap! Most ranges offer a single unscented item that is usually plain and, quite frankly, boring. We, on the other hand, offer a very wide range of unscented soaps with every bar being unique and different thanks to the various botanicals, fruits, teas & plant milks that are used to enrich it. Unscented soap is not really scentless; it has a very subtle scent that is clean and natural and smells of....well soap. You might be able to detect a vague hint of the ingredients used, but overall, it just smells like soap, which we find quite nice and believe many people would too! Additionally, the sheer amount of plant matter required to produce essential oils can make the process quite taxing to the environment, which is another reason why we limit our use of essential oils. The handful of essential oils that we do use are all very common, sustainable, and ethically sourced. These include lavender, peppermint, rose geranium, grapefruit, sweet orange, and lemon.

Salts & Sugars

Salts and sugars act as humectants drawing moisture to the skin. They also add an exfoliating quality to the soap leaving your skin clean and soft. Our range of salt bars will be coming soon and will offer you the relaxing spa experience in the comfort of your own bath. 

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