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Pamper yourself at no cost to the environment


Rubie’s Natural Soap celebrates traditional, pure natural beauty by creating a minimal yet luxurious bar soap that is kind to the skin and the environment. We offer clients a wide range of luxurious soaps that are vegan, palm oil free and that come in plastic free packaging at very competitive prices.


No Artificial colours or fragrances

We are committed to offer a product that is as pure and as natural as possible. As such, no artificial colours or fragrances are used in any of our soaps. That is not to say that they are boring or that they lack in colour or scent- far from it. The wonderful skin-loving natural additives in our soap impart lovely soft colours and come through in a sweet subtle scent that we find irresistible. Plus, you are actually getting what is on the label not simply a colour or fragrance that mimic it. We believe many people would appreciate our soaps being unscented. If you cannot handle strong fragrances, you will love these soaps. If you have sensitive skin or are using these soaps for young children, you will be assured in the fact that there are no allergens to worry about. Alternatively, if you are a perfume enthusiast, you will be happy to know that your favourite perfume will not be overpowered by the soap.


Vegan, Palm oil free & Cruelty free

All our products are vegan-friendly. Our base uses premium plant-based oils & butters and all our skin-loving additives are plant-based. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy these beauties but using them would be a great way to reduce consumption of animal products. In addition to being vegan, we also completely avoid palm oil in our soap. The production of palm oil is largely unsustainable and has a devastating impact on the planet. It has contributed to the deforestation of vast areas leading to the death of a staggering number of orangutans as well as impacting other animals by forcing them out of their natural habitat. Needless to say, all of our products are cruelty free and have never been tested on animals.


Plastic free packaging

We only use recyclable/recycled brown paper in packaging our lovely soaps and print our labels on recyclable paper. Our packaging reflects our message of chic simplicity. Bonus: it features original art especially made for our packaging by my talented sister and sister-in-law. 


Minimal Waste

We strive to minimise waste and our carbon footprint by home crafting and wild crafting our luscious natural additives where possible. For example, we prep the majority of our fruit and vegetable purees at home, we also make our own oat milk at home as well as dehydrate, grind, and prepare all our citrus peel from unwaxed lemons and oranges, to only name a few. Many of the herbs we use in our soap such as nettle, mint, & rosemary are either wildcrafted or grown in our own garden. We also re-purpose what we can from any raw ingredient packaging such as boxes, & paper in our own packaging or soap storage. 

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