Detox & Moisturise

This facial bar is made with a base of 100% pure extra virgin olive oil and enriched with activated charcoal and aloe vera juice powder. Activated charcoal is a staple in skin care for its many amazing benefits and deep cleansing properties. It is said to unclog pores and remove deep impurities leaving your skin clean, smooth and supple. Aloe vera juice is another staple in skin care. It is soothing and moisturising and rich in vitamines, minerals, and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties. 


Fragrance: All of our Castile collection is unscented- no allergens to worry about. However, these bars have a natural subtle scent. 


Food for your skin

Our Castile soap is made with a base of 100% pure extra virgin olive oil that gently cleanses, nourishes, & protects your skin. Pure extra virgin olive oil is deeply nourishing and moisturizing and creates a very mild bar of soap that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and mature skin.


Weight: approx. 100g. Please note that our soaps are hand cut/poured so actual weight may vary slightly.

Charcoal Aloe Vera Facial bar